Camera Guide Book: CANON EOS 7D Guide to Digital SLR Photography

You don't want good pictures from your new Canon EOS 7D -- you demand outstanding photos. After all, the 7D is the most advanced mid-level camera that Canon has ever introduced. It boasts an astounding 18 megapixels of resolution, blazing fast automatic focus, and cool features like the real-time preview system called Live View, full high-definition movie shooting, and an amazing new wireless flash capability. But your gateway to pixel proficiency is dragged down by the slim little book included in the box as a manual. You know everything you need to know is in there, somewhere, but you don't know where to start. In addition, the camera manual doesn't offer much information on photography or digital photography. Nor are you interested in spending hours or days studying a comprehensive book on digital SLR photography that doesn't necessarily apply directly to your 7D.

What you need is a guide that explains the purpose and function of the 7D's basic controls, how you should use them, and why. Ideally, there should be information about file formats, resolution, aperture/priority exposure, and special autofocus modes available, but you'd prefer to read about those topics only after you've had the chance to go out and take a few hundred great pictures with your new camera. Why isn't there a book that summarizes the most important information in its first two or three chapters, with lots of illustrations showing what your results will look like when you use this setting or that?

Now there is such a book. If you want a quick introduction to the 7D's focus controls, wireless flash synchronization options, how to choose lenses, or which exposure modes are best, this book is for you. If you can't decide on what basic settings to use with your camera because you can't figure out how changing ISO or white balance or focus defaults will affect your pictures, you need this guide.

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CANON EOS 7D Guide to Digital SLR Photography - Table of Contents:




Chapter 1 Canon EOS 7D: Thinking Outside of the Box

  • First Things First
  • Initial Set-up
  • Activating Your EOS 7D

Chapter 2 Canon EOS 7D Quick Start

  • Selecting a Shooting Mode
  • Choosing a Metering Mode
  • Choosing a Focus Mode
  • Selecting a Focus Point
  • Other Settings
  • Using the Built-in Flash
  • Taking a Picture
  • Reviewing the Images You've Taken
  • Transferring Photos to Your Computer

Chapter 3 Canon EOS 7D Roadmap

  • Canon EOS 7D: Front View
  • The Canon EOS 7D’s Business End
  • Going Topside
  • LCD Panel Readouts
  • Lens Components
  • Looking Inside the Viewfinder
  • Underneath Your EOS 7D


Chapter 4 Understanding Exposure

  • Getting a Handle on Exposure
  • How the EOS 7D Calculates Exposure
  • Choosing a Metering Method
  • Choosing an Exposure Method
  • Adjusting Exposure with ISO Settings
  • Exposure Bracketing
  • Dealing with Noise
  • Fixing Exposures with Histograms

Chapter 5 Mastering the Mysteries of Autofocus

  • How Focus Works
  • Focus Modes
  • Setting the AF Point
  • Fine-Tuning the Focus of Your Lenses
  • Lens Tune-Up

Chapter 6 Advanced Shooting, Live View, and Movies

  • Working with Live View
  • Shooting Movies
  • Tips for Shooting Better Video
  • Continuous Shooting
  • More Exposure Options
  • A Tiny Slice of Time
  • Long Exposures
  • Delayed Exposures


Chapter 7 Customizing with the Shooting and Playback Menus

  • Anatomy of the EOS 7D's Menus
  • Shooting 1, 2, 3, & 4 Menu Options
  • Playback 1 & 2 Menu Options

Chapter 8 Customizing with Set-up, Custom Functions, and My Menus

  • Set-up 1, 2, and 3 Menu Options
  • Custom Functions I/II/III/IV
  • My Menu

Chapter 9 Working with Lenses

  • But Don't Forget the Crop Factor
  • Your First Lens
  • What Lenses Can You Use?
  • Ingredients of Canon's Alphanumeric Soup
  • Your Second (and Third…) Lens
  • Categories of Lenses
  • Using Wide-Angle and Wide-Zoom Lenses
  • Using Telephoto and Tele-Zoom Lenses
  • Add-ons and Special Features

Chapter 10 Working with Light

  • Continuous Illumination versus Electronic Flash
  • Continuous Lighting Basics
  • Electronic Flash Basics
  • Getting Started with the Built-In Flash
  • More on Flash Control Settings
  • Using External Electronic Flash
  • Using External Electronic Flash

Chapter 11 Using the EOS 7D's Wireless Flash Controller

  • Elements of Wireless Flash
  • Getting Started
  • Selecting Wireless Functions
  • Working with Groups
  • Using Wireless Flash Creatively
  • Single-Flash Unit Ideas
  • Two-Light Setups
  • Three-Light Setups


Chapter 12 Downloading, Editing, and Printing Your Images

  • Printing
  • Using the Supplied Software
  • Transferring Your Photos
  • Editing Your Photos

Chapter 13 Canon EOS 7D: Troubleshooting and Prevention

  • Updating Your Firmware
  • Protecting Your LCD
  • Troubleshooting Memory Cards
  • Replacing Your Clock Battery
  • Cleaning Your Sensor



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