Camera Guide Book: Nikon D7000: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Whenever I get a new camera the first thing I do is grab the battery and the memory card and start shooting. What I should be doing is taking the extra time and reading the manual, but that's not much fun. Instead, I thought, why not make a chapter for people like me who can't wait to start taking images but don’t want to feel guilty about not setting up their camera first? Here are ten things you can do right now that are going to make your experience with your shiny new Nikon D7000 a ton better, from turning on the audible chirp for focusing to getting a feel for ISO settings, white balance settings, image review, focus settings, and several other custom functions that will help you right now. That doesn't mean I want you to skip over the other nine chapters, because they're filled with some really good tips, but this is a great starting point.

Nikon D7000 is different from previous models in that many of the controls we use every day are available with a few clicks of a button. You no longer have to drill through two or three menus to make simple adjustments. But don't worry, for those of you who love menus, they're still there. I'll briefly discuss how to adjust settings using the buttons and then discuss some of the custom menu options for those of you looking to tweak your camera a bit.


Nikon D7000: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Nikon D7000: From Snapshots to Great Shots - Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The D7000 Top Ten List  

Ten Tips to Make Your Shooting More Productive
Right Out of the Box  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
1. Set the Correct White Balance  
2. Turn Off the Auto ISO Setting  
3. Set Your Image Quality  
4. Set Your Focus Point and Mode  
5. Manual Focus  
6. Review Your Shots  
7. Where’s the Beep? Custom Focusing Options  
8. Custom Display Options  
9. Shutter Delay Options  
10. Hold Your Camera for Proper Shooting  
Chapter 1 Assignments  

Chapter 2: First Things First  

A Few Things to Know and Do Before You Begin Taking Pictures  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Choosing the Right Memory Card  
Formatting Your Memory Card  
Updating the D7000's Firmware  
Cleaning the Sensor  
Using the Right Format: Raw vs. Jpeg  
Lenses and Focal Lengths  
What Is Exposure?  
Motion and Depth of Field  
Chapter 2 Assignments  

Chapter 3: The Auto Modes  

Get Shooting with the Automatic Camera Modes  
Poring Over the Picture  
Auto Mode  
Flash Off Mode  
Scene Modes  
Portrait Mode  
Landscape Mode  
Close Up Mode  
Sports Mode  
Sunset Mode  
Child Mode  
When You May Not Want to Use Auto Mode  
Chapter 3 Assignments  

Chapter 4: The Professional Modes  

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
P: Program Mode  
S: Shutter Priority Mode  
A: Aperture Priority Mode  
M: Manual Mode  
User Settings Mode—Saving Your Favorite Settings to the Mode Dial  
How I Shoot: My Favorite Camera Settings  
Chapter 4 Assignments  

Chapter 5: Moving Target  

How to Shoot When Your Subject is in Motion  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Stop Right There!  
Using Shutter Priority (S) Mode to Stop Motion  
Using Aperture Priority (A) Mode to Isolate Your Subject  
The ISO Sensitivity Auto Control Trick  
Keep them In Focus with Continuous-Servo Focus and Af Focus Point Selection  
Stop and Go with 3D-Tracking Af  
Manual Focus for Anticipated Action  
Keeping Up with the Continuous Shooting Modes  
A Sense of Motion  
Tips for Shooting Action  
Chapter 5 Assignments  

Chapter 6: Perfect Portraits  

Settings and Features to Make Great Portraits  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Automatic Portrait Mode  
Using Aperture Priority Mode  
Metering Modes for Portraits  
Using the Ae Lock (Auto Exposure Lock) Feature  
Focusing: The Eyes Have It  
Classic Black-and-White Portraits  
The Portrait Picture Control for Better Skin tones  
Detect Faces with Live View  
Use Fill Flash for Reducing Shadows  
Portraits On the Move  
Tips for Shooting Better Portraits  
Chapter 6 Assignments  

Chapter 7: Landscape Photography  

Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Taking Beautiful
Landscape Photographs  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Sharp Focus: Using a Tripod  
Selecting the Proper ISO  
Using Noise Reduction  
Selecting a White Balance  
Using the Landscape Picture Control  
Taming Bright Skies with Exposure Compensation  
Shooting Amazing Black-and-White Landscapes  
The Golden Light  
Where to Place Your Focus  
Focusing Made Easy  
Smooth Water  
Directing the Viewer's Eye: A Word About Composition  
Advanced Techniques to Explore  
Chapter 7 Assignments  

Chapter 8: Mood Lighting  

Shooting When the Lights Get Low  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Raising the ISO  
Using Very High ISOs  
Stabilizing the Situation  
Focusing in Low Light  
Shooting Long Exposures  
Using the Built-In Flash  
Compensating for Flash Exposure  
Reducing Red-Eye  
Flash and Glass  
A Few Words About External Flash  
Chapter 8 Assignments  

Chapter 9: Creative Compositions  

Better Photography Starts with Better Composition  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Depth of Field  
Point of View  
Contrasting and Complementing  
Leading Lines  
Splitting the Frame  
Frames within Frames  
Chapter 9 Assignments  

Chapter 10: Lights, Camera, Action  

Getting the Most Out of the D7000's Video Capabilities  
Recording with Live View  
Dedicating a Second Card to Video  
Video Quality  
Chapter 10 Assignments  

Chapter 11: Advanced Techniques  

Impress Your Family and Friends  
Poring Over the Picture  
Poring Over the Picture  
Spot Meter for More Exposure Control  
Manual Mode  
Avoiding Lens Flare  
Bracketing Exposures  
Macro Photography  
Active D-Lighting  
Chapter 11 Assignments  


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