Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight (Flash) User's Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

Free Download Nikon SB-910 PDF User Manual, Instructions, User Guide, Owner's Manual.

This powerful and capable Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight (Flash) is the new flagship Speedlight of Nikon, provides exceptional high performance and creative versatility, which is exactly what users expect from Nikon's Creative Lighting System. The SB-910 delivers a new level of portable lighting functionality, with performance and intelligent features that adapt to a wide range of lighting challenges.

The SB-910 incorporates an enhanced intuitive operating system and graphic user interface (GUI). With its enhanced operating system featuring illuminated function buttons, a dedicated Menu button with quick access to custom settings and an improved LCD screen graphic user interface, Nikon SB-910 Speedlight is designed to provide easy operation and menu navigation.

SB-910 Speedlight comes equipped with a wide zoom range covering the most popular focal lengths as well as FX/DX-format identification that optimizes zoom settings based on the camera body. SB-910 also provides a more efficient flash coverage and use of batteries as well as an enhanced Thermal Cut-Out function.

Whether the unit is used as an on-camera flash, wireless commander, or remote, the SB-910 will provide dependable and consistent flash exposure. Engineered to address the creative lighting challenges faced by today's photographers, the SB-910 includes quick on-demand performance and the ability to adapt seamlessly to nearly any possible lighting scenario.

The Thermal Cut-out function of Nikon SB-910, which offers protection against damage to the flash panel and body that can be caused by overheating during continuous flash use. Now, rather than ceasing operation to protect the unit, the flash recycling time is automatically delayed if a significant rise in temperature is detected.

For additional durability, heat resistance and ease-of-use, the SB-910 uses new hard-type color compensation filters for fluorescent and incandescent color temperature balancing. When using these filters, the flash automatically recognizes which filter is being used and adjusts white balance accordingly on the connected Nikon DSLR camera.

The AF-assist illuminator of the SB-910 is compatible with the complete line of AF systems used in Nikon digital SLR cameras.

SB-910 features three illumination patterns (standard, centre-weighted and even), allowing users to choose the pattern most appropriate for the scene. The "standard" pattern will cover all conventional, standard flash coverage. The "centre-weighted" pattern provides larger guide numbers than other light distribution types at the same focal lengths. This illumination pattern is ideal for shooting still subjects such as portraits, in which the light falloff at the image edges can be disregarded. When use "even" illumination pattern, the light from the flash will cover a subject from centre to edges without light falloff. This pattern is applicable for shooting group photographs indoors.

For coverage with a variety of lenses, the SB-910 Speedlight incorporates a multi-step power zoom range that covers a wide 17-200mm angle of view, and can automatically detect Nikon FX and Nikon DX formats to help select suitable light distribution.

The SB-910 Speedlight includes support for Nikon's advanced wireless TTL operation and can function as a wireless commander with control over three separate groups of Speedlights or as a remote Speedlight triggered by other SB-910 Speedlights, SB-700 Speedlights, SU-800 Wireless Commander or the built-in Speedlight set to Commander Mode on compatible Nikon digital SLR cameras.

The SB-910 incorporates a high-speed recycling time of approximately 2.5 seconds for full power with NiMH batteries, and approximately 3.0 seconds with AA Alkaline batteries.

Nikon SB-910 Manual

Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight (Flash) Key Features:

  • Guide number: 34/111.5 (m/ft.) at 35 mm and 53/173.9 (m/ft.) at 200 mm (FX-format, standard illumination pattern, ISO 100, 20°C/68°F)
  • Power zoom function covers 17-200 mm (in FX format) or 12-200 mm (in DX format) zoom range
  • Automatic switching of zoom head position with detection of the camera's image area setting—FX or DX format—for optimal angle of flash coverage
  • AF-assist illumination, compatible with multi-point AF system, covers wide 17-135 mm focal length range
  • Enhanced intuitive operating system and GUI for smoother operation
  • Thermal Cut-Out overheat protection
  • Three illumination patterns -- standard, centre-weighted, even
  • 2.5 seconds recycling time for full power
  • Flash head tilts down to 7° or up to 90° with click-stops at -7°, 0°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
  • Flash head rotates horizontally 180° to the left and right with click-stops at 0°, 30°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°
  • Durable and heat-resistant, easy-to-use, hard-type color filters (fluorescent or incandescent) included
  • Automatic detection of hard color filters attached to the front of the flash head
  • Fully compatible with Nikon Creative Lighting System
  • Advanced Wireless Lighting
  • Compatible with High-Performance Battery Pack SD-9 and Power Bracket Unit SK-6/6A
  • Optional Water Guards WG-AS1 (for D3 series), WG-AS2 (for D300 series) and WG-AS3 (for D700) protect camera accessory shoe contact when SB-910 is mounted on Nikon digital SLR cameras
  • Optional SJ-4 Color Filter Set

Free Download Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight (Flash) Operating Instruction Guide / Owner's Manual / User's Manual / Reference Manual (PDF Format):

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Nikon SB-910: A collection of example photos - English

Nikon SB-910: A collection of example photos - Spanish

Nikon SB-910: A collection of example photos - French

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