Olympus VG-170 Camera User's Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)


Free Download Olympus VG-170 PDF User Manual, Instructions, User Guide, Olympus VG-170 Owner's Manual.

This 14MP 5x zoom Olympus VG-170 is designed for the camera user who regularly photographs indoors or in low-light conditions using flash illumination. It provides a flash nearly twice as powerful as on a regular compact camera. Thanks to the long flash mode you can even light up faces and objects up to fully 15 meters away, as it automatically selects higher ISO sensitivity.

The VG-170 incorporates a high-intensity flash with a guide number of about 8.7, approximately three times more powerful than the typical compact digital camera. A long flash mode is also available, in which the flash light extends to a range of about 15 meters at the wide end.

Inside its slim, stylish body, VG-170 equipped with a 14 Megapixels CCD sensor delivers superior image quality that enables you to print poster-sized pictures easily. A 5x (26-130mm) wide-angle optical zoom lens enable effortless close-ups and wide-angle shots. The Digital Image Stabilization feature uses higher ISO and faster shutter speeds to capture sharp, blur-free images, even when you're chasing moving targets.

With One Touch HD Movie you can record crystal clear 720p HD movies right from VG-170. Apply Magic Filter effects to transform videos for fun and creativity.

The recorded images and movies can be reproduced clearly on VG-170's 3.0-inch, 460K-dot high-definition LCD panel. This screen also features a wide viewing angle for easy composing and shooting.

The Intelligent Auto (iAUTO) setting identifies the scene you're shooting - portrait, landscape, night portrait, macro, or sport - and automatically adjusts the camera's settings for optimum results.

Add style and artistic flair to your photos with 9 Magic Filter effects that you can see working live on the LCD screen before you snap. Pop Art, Pin Hole, Drawing, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Punk, Watercolor, Sparkle and Reflection instantly transform ordinary scenes into fun and creative ones.

Olympus VG-170

Key Features of Olympus VG-170 Digital Compact Camera:

  • 14 Megapixels CCD
  • 5x (26-130mm) wide-angle optical zoom
  • High-intensity built-in flash of GN 8.7 (rated at ISO 100)
  • 3.0-inch 460k dot LCD
  • 720p HD Movie capture
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Magic Filter
  • Face Detection
  • Intelligent Auto
  • AF Tracking
  • 3D Photo Shooting Mode
  • Beauty Mode
  • Scene Modes
  • Eye-Fi Card compatibility
  • USB Charge

Free Download Olympus VG-170 Digital Compact Camera Operating Instruction Guide / Owner's Manual / User's Manual (PDF format):

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - English

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - French

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - Spanish

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - Portuguese

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - Italian

Olympus VG-170 User's Instruction Manual - German

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3 thoughts on “Olympus VG-170 Camera User's Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

  1. Hi,

    I just bought Olympus VG-170 14 megapixel camera, i m not finding antishaking facility in it, as i am taking pictures while my hand is shaking it is not giving an good pictures.

    • Olympus VG-170 is an entry level camera, it does not offer Optical Image Stabilization. It provides a "Reducing blur" mode, on this mode, the camera uses higher ISO and faster shutter speeds to anti shake. Please refer to User Manual P23 (shooting photo) & P33 (shooting movie).

  2. Thanks for your reply, but last time i bought casio Z35 exlim, it is also a normal camera but it has antishake function and it was very cheaper than this any how thanks for your reply.

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