Kodak EasyShare M552 Camera User's Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)


Free Download Kodak EasyShare M552 PDF User Manual, Instructions, User Guide, Kodak EasyShare M552 Owner's Manual.

You're having too much fun to keep it all to yourself. That's why you need the Kodak EasyShare Camera M552. Yeah, it's sleek and small, but it's also perfect for fitting in the whole crew without cutting anyone out. Kodak's even found room to add a dedicated HD video button for capturing those crazy nights out on the town. Then, press Kodak's Share button to e-mail to friends and Kodak Pulse Digital Frame or upload to Kodak Gallery, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Orkut, Yandex and Kaixin001 sites. Now the fun can begin.
Kodak EasyShare M552 Digital Camera

Key Features of Kodak EasyShare M552 Digital Compact Camera

  • 14MP Resolution
  • 5x Wide Zoom Lens
  • 2.7" LCD Monitor
  • 3-Step Internet Sharing
  • One-Button 720p HD Video Recording
  • Automatic Face Recognition
  • Special Effects Filters
  • Kodak Smart Capture for Ideal Settings
  • Rechargeable Batteries

Kodak EasyShare M552 User's Manual - Table of Contents

Product Overview

  1. Setting up your camera
    • Attaching the strap
    • Loading the KLIC-7006 battery
    • Charging the battery
    • Turning on the camera
    • Setting the language and date/time
    • Storing pictures on an accessory SD/SDHC Card
  2. Taking pictures/videos
    • Taking pictures
    • Your camera, the way you want it
    • Using Tools to choose actions, preferences
    • Understanding the picture-taking icons
    • Watch the battery level
    • Taking a video
    • Using the optical zoom
    • Using the flash
    • Using different modes and effects
    • Using the photobooth feature
    • Using Program mode
    • Using the self-timer
    • Using the burst feature
    • Taking panoramic pictures
  3. Reviewing and editing
    • Reviewing pictures/videos
    • Deleting pictures/videos
    • Viewing pictures/videos in different ways
    • A smarter way to find and enjoy your pictures
    • Understanding the review icons
    • Adding a border to a picture
    • Using photo effects to change a picture's tint
    • Cropping a picture
    • Trimming a video
    • Making a picture from a video
    • Making an action print from a video
    • Selecting multiple pictures/videos
    • Displaying pictures/videos on a television
  4. Sharing pictures/videos
    • Sharing through email and social networks
    • Tagging pictures
    • Marking pictures/videos as favorites
  5. Doing more with your camera
    • Changing settings
  6. Install software
    • Install software, transfer pictures, and share
    • Printing pictures
    • Marking your pictures for print
  7. Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting
    • Getting help on the Web
  8. Appendix
    • Specifications
    • Care and maintenance
    • Upgrading your software and firmware
    • Storage capacities
    • Important safety instructions
    • Battery replacement, battery life
    • Limited warranty
    • Regulatory compliance


Download Kodak EasyShare M552 Digital Compact Camera Operating Instruction Guide / Owner's Manual / User's Manual (PDF format):

Kodak EasyShare M552 Digital Compact Camera Operating Instruction Manual

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