Leica M (Typ 240) Camera User's Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

Free Download Leica M (Typ 240) PDF User Manual, Instructions, User Guide, Owner's Manual.

Leica M (Typ 240) is a digital rangefinder camera boasts a 24 MP full-frame CMOS sensor delivers outstanding imaging results. This sensor also features Live View and Full-HD video recording capabilities. With the R-Adapter, almost all Leica R lenses ever built can be mounted. The optional Electronic Viewfinder allows to use the LEICA M like a DSLR. The new LEICA M and its accessories make the camera a great tool not only as reportage camera but also in the photo studio, for macro and tele photography.

The Leica M sports a Leica Max CMOS image sensor, this 24-megapixel 35 mm full-frame sensor was designed and constructed in collaboration with CMOSIS especially for the camera and its use with M- and R-Lenses. This new development successfully transfers the characteristic advantages of CCD sensors, such as natural and brilliant color rendition and impressive reproduction of details, to a CMOS sensor. This results in images characterized by superior sharpness and maximum spatial resolution. The Leica M delivers extremely low-noise and richly detailed images, even at higher sensitivities of up to ISO 6400.

In conjunction with the new sensor, the Leica Maestro processor lets the Leica M set entirely new standards in terms of image-processing speed. It processes the image data arriving from the sensor and transforms them into visible images at extremely high speeds and can also perform even the most complex processing steps very fast.

The Leica M offers Live View and Live View Focus. Image composition can now take place in real time with the view of the subject through the lens. The sharpness, exposure and color content of images can now be precisely assessed on Leica M camera's 3-inch, 920k-dots high-resolution LCD. The new Live View function allows photographers to have access to entirely new opportunities that, in combination with the outstanding performance of Leica M- and R-Lenses, go far beyond the classical capabilities of rangefinder photography. This applies particularly to macro and telephoto photography, but also allows even more discreet shooting.

The Leica M offers two additional focusing methods: The "Live View Zoom" enables up to 10x magnification for precise assessment of the sharpness of subject details or the close focusing limit. The "Live View Focus Peaking" option contours in the subject are automatically displayed as red lines to allow simple and convenient focus assessment. Focusing precision can be assessed on the basis of the intensity of the lines displayed. M-Photographers now have even more options for capturing outstandingly sharp images.

The LEICA M is the first Leica rangefinder camera with video capture, its 1080p Full-HD video capability opens up further opportunities to record memories as they happen.

All new features of the camera have been optimized for the Leica rangefinder system, and ensure the renowned dependability of the Leica M in all shooting situations, from available light photography to discreet and aesthetic fine-art image composition. In line with the principles of the M-Philosophy, all functions and features are designed and constructed for absolute robustness and a long working life.

The top and base plates of the Leica M are machined from solid brass, and the full-metal chassis is a completely self-contained, die-cast element manufactured from high-strength magnesium alloy. Specially designed rubber seals protect the camera body against dust and water spray. The glass covering plate of its LCD screen is manufactured from particularly tough and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass. All this makes the Leica M particularly resilient and helps guarantee it a long and reliable working life.

Leica M (Typ 240)

The new Leica R-Adapter M, which allows almost all Leica R-Lenses ever built to be mounted on the camera. The use of Leica R-System lenses now opens up vast new possibilities for zoom, telephoto and macro photography.

The optional Visoflex EVF2 electronic viewfinder features 1.4M-dots high-resolution and a 90° swivel action for capturing images from unusual angles. It allows to use the LEICA M like a DSLR.

Key Features of Leica M (Typ 240) Rangefinder Digital Camera:

  • 24 Megapixels Full-Frame 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • 3-inch 920k-dots LCD with Corning Gorilla glass screen protector
  • ISO up to 6400
  • Live View and Live View Focus
  • 1080p Full HD video capture
  • Leica Maestro image processor
  • Classic Rangefinder Design
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Quiet, Metal Blade Shutter
  • M Mount Compatible
  • Splash protected body
  • Use the Leica R lenses with R-Adapter M
  • Optional high-resolution electronic Visoflex viewfinder
  • Optional multifunctional handgrip-M with integrated GPS

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