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Sigma SD1 Merrill (SD1m) is Sigma's Flagship DSLR, inside its lightweight yet solid magnesium alloy body, it featuring a 46 megapixel Foveon X3 direct image “Merrill” sensor ensures outstanding resolution and natural rendering with rich gradation as well as a three-dimensional feel. SD1 Merrill incorporate a “Dual TRUE II” image processing engine and DDR III buffer ensure the high speed processing of images without lowering the quality.

The APS-C sized (23.5×15.7mm) full-color Foveon X3 direct image sensor (Generation name “Merrill”), featured in the SIGMA SD1 Merrill, incorporates 46 megapixels (4,800×3,200×3 layers). The Foveon X3 direct image sensor captures all primary RGB colors at each and every pixel location with 3 layers, ensuring the capture of full and complete color. Since color moiré is not generated, the use of a low-pass filter is not required, meaning light and color are captured by the 46 megapixel full-color X3 Merrill sensor with a three-dimensional feel.

SIGMA DP1 Merrill incorporate a dual “TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II” image processing engine dedicated to Foveon X3 direct image sensor, and it improves the processing speed and overall quality of the final image. By incorporating two TRUE II processors, Sigma’s unique image-processing algorithm provides high resolution power and reproduces high definition images with richly graduated tones as well as a three-dimensional feel.

To handle large volumes of color data at high speed, SIGMA SD1 Merrill uses DDR III buffer memory technology, which delivers class-leading performance. The SD1 Merrill features a continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second and can capture up to 7 RAW images per sequence in continuous shooting mode.

The SD1 Merrill features a new 77-segment AE sensor using advanced AE algorithms to improve exposure accuracy. Exact control coordinated with the 11 AF points achieves accurate exposure even in difficult lightning conditions.

The autofocus system features an 11 point twin cross sensor. The shifted twin cross type sensor improves AF accuracy. The AF point can be selected automatically or manually.

Sensitivity up to ISO 6400, the SD1 Merrill captures light effectively and ensures noiseless image processing. The image sensor provides high definition with rich, graduated tones.

Using a two-motor system with dedicated motors for mirror-drive and shutter charge reduces the vibration of mirror movement, thereby preventing camera shake. A mirror lock-up mechanism prevents further vibration when the shutter is released. Preventing camera shake is especially important for macro photography and when using ultra-telephoto lenses.

The Sigma SD1 Merrill camera's built-in flash has a guide number of 11 to cover a 17mm lens angle (equivalent to 25.5mm with a 35mm camera). The built-in flash can be synchronized to a shutter speed of up to 1/180 sec. The S-TTL automatic exposure system enables control of advanced flash photography.

The SD1 Merrill features magnesium alloy-clad body construction. This rigid, tough yet lightweight body securely protects the interior from shock and electromagnetic interference, while adding strength and durability to withstand challenging conditions. Buttons and connected parts are sealed with O-rings to prevent dust and water from getting inside the camera body.

The durable focal plane shutter mechanism has a life cycle of over 100,000 exposures and dramatically reduces generation of dust. The photographer can enjoy taking pictures with confidence that the image sensor is clean and protected from dust or dirt originating inside or outside the camera.

Sigma SD1 Merrill

Key Features of Sigma SD1 Merrill (SD1m):

  • 46 megapixel Foveon X3 full color Merrill sensor
  • A lightweight yet solid magnesium alloy body designed to withstand rough use and shocks in harsh conditions
  • Weather resistant feature protects the camera from the effects of harsh weather conditions
  • Dust Protector
  • Dual True II Image processing engine
  • Advanced DDR III buffer
  • Large, highly visible 3.0" 460k dot TFT color LCD Monitor
  • 11-Point Twin Cross Sensor Focus System
  • Built-in flash with 17mm angle of coverage
  • Seven Color Modes
  • ISO Up to 6400

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